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The Hi Jolly Memorial at the cemetery in Quartzsite pays tribute to Hadji Ali, one of several camel drivers brought over by the U.S. Army in a failed attempt to introduce camels to the American Southwest. After the experiment was abandoned, Ali was the only driver to remain in Arizona. He took up prospecting, and became known to locals as “Hi Jolly”.


There are hundred of Petroglyphs here. You will also find the remains of an old stone cabin and an arrastre. Look along the base of the cliff to the left of the stone cabin for the cave where the spring originates. Once you’ve found it, listen and you will hear it dripping from the cave roof, forming a year round pool of water. A path takes off to the left of the cave, following the edge of the cliff where more petroglyphs can be seen.

How to get there:

Dripping springs is one mile down the road from Dos Picachos Mine. The road is steep and rutted. This is a trip for a 4-wheeled drive vehicle.


On the East side of Tyson Wash a short distance south of Quartzsite, you can see Indian grinding holes and some faint petroglyphs. There is also a natural tank

near the cliff which may have water in if it has rained. This is also the site of the original Quartzsite with was washed away in a flood and subsequently rebuild on higher ground at its present location. It is said that a safe full of gold lies buried beneath the sand at the bottom of Tyson Wash somewhere near this spot, carried away in the great flood.

How to get there:

Go South on highway 95 and turn right into the BLM Long Term Visitor Area, then left on the main road. Turn right at the BLM road 358. Park just before Tyson Wash and look for the petroglyphs on a rocky outcrop where someone has done some mining. Across the wash on the opposite cliff you will find grinding holes and caves where Indians once lived.


This is the only Canyon in Arizona where you can find a canyon of Palm Trees. The palms are a short walk from the parking area at the base of the mountains
How to get there:

Drive South on Highway 95 for 23 miles then turn left into the Kofa Wildlife Refuge for approximately 7 miles on the dirt road until it ends.


The area north of Quartzsite was used as a training ground for General Patton’s troops during World War II. On this trip you will see rocks laid out in the desert for airplanes to see, spelling out QUARTZSITE and forming an arrow pointing the way. Up the road from the Quartzsite Rock alignment there is a picture that would also be best seen from the air. It is the Fisherman Intaglio, the outline of a fisherman drawn on the desert floor by ancient  Indians. Both the Rock Alignment and Fisherman Intaglio are a short walk from the asphalt road.

How to get there:

North out of Quartzsite on Highway 95 for 5.4 miles, then turn right on Plomosa Road. 6 miles up the road look for fences on your left. Inside the farthest fence you will find the Rock Alignment and 1.3 miles farther up the road you come to a second “scenic view parking” sign. Park and follow path up the hill to see the Intaglios.

If you have the time and the urge look for the Indian Lookout and Stagecoach Station ruins just ahead.

Hi Jolly Cemetery